Liquid Diet Takeout

The beauty of life has to do with choices. Eating out and what to eat should be one of them.

There is a population that suffers from swallowing and phagophobia complications and this number is increasing after the effects of Covid-19.

Roseina’s offers special menu adjustments for those suffering from these problems. It is possible to have an easier normal life with Roseina’s assistance for meal planning.

What is phagophobia?

Phagophobia is the fear of swallowing or choking. It is more common than you think. Of the 6% of people who go to the doctor for difficulties when swallowing, it is estimated that about 47% suffer from phagophobia.

People with swallowing problems may face:

  • Social life limitations
  • Avoidance of certain foods
  • Under nutrition
  • Significant Weight loss

How can we help?

By processing any menu item into puree at the consistency of your choice: light, medium or thick according to the customer choice or needs.

Roseina’s Proudly Offers a Full Liquid Diet Menu

Anything on the regular Roseina’s menu can be turned into a liquid meal at your request.


We offer a full smoothie menu as well. View our entire menu of delicious smoothie options by clicking the button below.

Smoothie Menu

Roseina’s is your partner in your every day meal needs, especially if you are experiencing restrictions in eating. We’re ready to help.

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Choices are the spice of life! If you are craving a salad, an entree, dessert, or specific side dish and you experience dietary restrictions Roseina’s is here to serve your needs.

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